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The Strategy
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JTC Summit
For Rent

JTC Summit from $4.40psf

  • Property Type:
Abacus Plaza
For Rent
Changi City
For Rent
The Modules
For Rent

The Modules from $3.00psf

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JK Centre
For Rent

JK Centre from $3.20psf

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Bright Centre
For Rent
The Sunflower
For Rent
City Plaza
For Rent

City Plaza from $8.05psf

  • Property Type:
Newton 200
For Rent

Newton 200 from $9.00psf

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Relc Building
For Rent
Ming Arcade
For Rent

Ming Arcade from $3.85psf

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Wilkie Edge
For Rent

Wilkie Edge from $9.00psf

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Shaw House
For Rent

Shaw Centre from $8.00psf

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Rex House
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Rex House from $5.00psf

  • Property Type: is Singapore’s Office Rental expert offering you the best one-stop solution to start your office rental search as an tenant looking to rent office space.

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We focus solely on offices and shophouses. So you benefit from our experience and insider knowledge of the Singapore office market. We have our ‘ear to the ground’ daily. Many offices in Singapore are not openly advertised but we have the contacts with landlords to find you these ‘hidden’ offices, which could be just what you’re looking for. Call us now on (+65) 9320 6549 for a non-obligatory discussion.


Office for Rent Singapore

Here is a list of office space available for rent / lease. We have fully furnished / bare office. This is just a small part of our full list. Fill up the contact form at the bottom of this page and let us know your requirements and we will let you know which office is most suitable for you. Let us do the search for you, our service is completely Free!

$ Per SquareFeet Size (SquareFeet) Building District
8.8 915 Tung Centre D01
VTO 7235 Tung Centre D01
VTO 8382 Tung Centre D01
12 2745 Tung Centre D01
14 2271 Tung Centre D01
14 1636 Tung Centre D01
14 1839 Tung Centre D01
12 721 Tung Centre D01
12 851 Tung Centre D01
14 1808 Tung Centre D01
12 2745 Tung Centre D01
12 1001 Tung Centre D01
12 700 Tung Centre D01
14 9699 Tung Centre D01
11.5 1,927 Capital Square D01
7.8 1,798 Capital Square D01
7.8 2,637 Capital Square D01
7.8 2,799 Capital Square D01
VTO 2,626 Ocean Financial Centre D01
$8.20 291 Central Square D01
$6.50 1894 Far East Square D01
$6.50 1,819 Far East Square D01
$6.50 1,098 Far East Square D01
6.67 1500 GB Building D01
7.92 600 GB Building D01
7.5 900 GB Building D01
7.5 1000 GB Building D01
6.5 1900 amoy street D01
$4 392,618,1041 to 2000 Afro-Asia Building D01
7 1,593 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,658 Keppel Towers D02
7 990 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,109 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,733 Keppel Towers D02
7 2,745 Keppel Towers D02
7 2,088 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,927 Keppel Towers D02
7 3,261 Keppel Towers D02
7 882 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,120 Keppel Towers D02
7 2,251 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,474 Keppel Towers D02
7 1,724 Keppel Towers D02
6.5 6,932 Keppel Towers D02
8 5,285 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
6 7,589 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
6 7,632 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
6 7,632 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
6 7,847 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
6 7,362 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
6 5,543 Keppel Towers 2 (formerly known as GE Tower) D02
12 3,466 Keppel Bay Tower D04
12 2,443 Keppel Bay Tower D04
15 657 Keppel Bay Tower D04
7.5 37,534 Keppel Bay Tower D04
8.5 1,938 Keppel Bay Tower D04
8.5 2,500 Keppel Bay Tower D04
7.5 17,244 Keppel Bay Tower D04
7.5 17,244 Keppel Bay Tower D04
8.5 4,000 Keppel Bay Tower D04
8.5 1,507 Keppel Bay Tower D04
8.2 2,228 Bugis Junction Tower D07
8.5 3,218 Bugis Junction Tower D07
8 nego the concourse at beach road D07
VTO 550 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 1528 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 588 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 577 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 764 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 577 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 417 OG Albert Complex D07
VTO 542 OG Albert Complex D07
7 4808 Haw Par Centre D09
4.8 5340 Haw Par Glass Tower D09
8.5 nego 355 1500 international building at orchard road D09
$9.00 1,285 Shaw House D09
$9.00 1,065 Shaw House D09
$9.00 2,105 Shaw House D09
$9.00 1,027 Shaw House D09
$9.00 747 Shaw House D09
$9.00 1,308 Shaw House D09
$9.00 2,742 Shaw House D09
$9.00 883 Shaw House D09
7.5 2562 Great World City Office D09
7.5 1270 Great World City Office D09
7.5 1604 Great World City Office D09
7.5 2497 Great World City Office D09
7.5 1292 Great World City Office D09
7.5 2443 Great World City Office D09
7.5 1270 Great World City Office D09
7.5 2400 Great World City Office D09
3.8 to 3.9 571 to 1432 Palais Renaissance D09
$7.60 1,738 Regency House D09
$7.50 3509 Regency House D09
$9.50 388 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.50 280 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.50 280 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.20 560 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.20 1228 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.20 291 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.00 1475 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.00 1217 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$8.80 2,692 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.50 366 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$8.80 431 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$8.80 893 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$9.20 323 Orchard Parade Hotel D09
$6.30 1,313 Tanglin Shopping Centre D09
$8 1,787 Forum D09
$8 1,733 Forum D09
$8 506 Forum D09
$8 985 Forum D09
$3.50 419 to 4505 198 Geylang Road D14
$4 419 to 4505 198 Geylang Road D14
3.8 to 3.9 571 to 1432 katong shopping centre D15

Office Rental in Singapore Overview

Once you have decided to setup a business and rent office space in Singapore, at some point of time, office rental issues will become important to you. For many customer-facing businesses, the success or failure of the business will hinge partly on the owner’s selectivity and judgment in picking the right location for renting an office. Singapore being at the core of the global business hub translates into all kinds of business enterprises emerging at every possible nook and cranny.

A high office rental per square foot or psf is the price you have to pay for the best spots, but with a little bit of looking around and getting your research right, you might just be able to find a suitable rental location for even the tightest of budgets. An initial step in business is to decide where you will live and where your business will be located. You may have the opportunity to relocate to an area where you would really enjoy living and working. At the heart of all office rental Singapore is the Central Region consisting of Central Business District (CBD) that comprises the core financial and commercial districts in Singapore and the area in the immediate vicinity of CBD.

CBD is considered the most prime location for renting office space in Singapore. Businesses of the same nature have over time clustered so that various locations in the CBD area have evolved into distinct hubs. Lot of existing companies are moving away from the CBD area due to higher rental prices. However, the available office space for rent is being snapped up by fund management and private banking firms. A brief summary of Singapore’s CBD well-known location is presented below:

Raffles Place | Marina Bay

Arguably the most sought after area for office rental Singapore by banks, financial institutes, insurance companies, business centres, and professional services firms.Raffles Place along with its nearby streets have the highest concentration of Grade A office buildings. The area is considered as the Wall Street of Singapore. At Marina Bay, the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) is a mixed-use development offering three Grade A office towers, two residential towers and retail space with all clustered around a stunning waterfront park. The office space in MBFC has the most spectacular view of Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Raffles Place / Raffles Quay Office for Rent:

Marina / Temasek Blvd Office for Rent:

Shenton Way | Robinson Road | Cecil Street

A major trunk road in Singapore’s central business district, most known for the commercial skyscrapers flanking both sides of the road. Built almost entirely on reclaimed land in what was once the Telok Ayer Basin. It continues to be a prime office address almost on par with that of Raffles Place today.

Shenton Way Office for Rent:

Robinson Road Office for Rent:

Cecil Street Office for Rent:

Tanjong Pagar | Anson Road

Located in close proximity to Raffles Place and consists of both older and new office buildings. This area is a popular office rental Singapore choice among media advertising, shipping and trading companies, real estate firms, business services groups and various Singapore government institutions. Among key office buildings include Capital Tower, AXA Tower (formerly Temasek Tower) and Twenty Anson, Mapletree Anson, Springleaf Tower, Hub Synergy Point, Fuji Xerox Tower, International Plaza, etc. Nearest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar.

Tanjong Pagar / Anson Road Office for Rent:

Beach Road | Bugis

Lies just inside Singapore’s CBD area. Unlike the other areas within the CBD, however, Beach Road is not as laden with skyscrapers and office buildings. Instead, you will find shopping centres, markets, hotels and residential areas within the district. There are however still a number of good quality office buildings including Bugis Junction Office Tower, Parkview Square, The Gateway East & West, Shaw Tower, The Concourse, KeyPoint, etc. Nearest MRT stations include Bugis and Lavender.

City Hall | Suntec City

Suntec City is very popular among IT companies, serviced offices, law firms, and other businesses. In addition to five very popular office towers, the Suntec City also comprises of one the largest shopping malls as well as a convention/exhibition centre. Located next is the Millenia Tower and Centennial Tower – two of the most prestigious office buildings in Singapore. Nearest MRT station is City Hall & Promenade.

Orchard | Somerset | Dhoby Ghaut

Home to major retail stores, this is Singapore’s prime shopping, hotel and entertainment, also a popular choice for renting office space. Office buildings are quite popular here due to the convenience, prestige and infrastructure. Key buildings include Ngee Ann City Tower A & B, Wheelock Place, Wisma Atria, The Atrium@Orchard, Shaw House, Paragon Tower, Orchard Building, The Hereen, Winsland House I and II, etc. Nearest MRT station is Orchard, Somerset, & Dhoby Ghaut.

Orchard Area Office for Rent:

Chinatown | Clarke Quay | River Valley

Located between Raffles Place and Orchard Road area, River Valley area in recent years has developed into a bustling commercial and retail area in Singapore that offers quality office space for rent as well as residential, shopping and entertainment facilities. Major office buildings in this area include SOHO @ Central, 2 Havelock Road, Shell House (UE Square), Great World City, Central Mall, etc. The nearest MRT station is Clark Quay & Chinatown.

HarbourFront | Alexandra

Home to Singapore biggest shopping mall, Vivocity and International Cruise terminal, quality office space in Harbourfront Tower 1 & 2 are very highly sought after by a lot of big international companies like Merril Lynch, etc. Due to its proximity to Sentosa and Harbourfront MRT, it’s masterplanned and conceptualised as a “work, live & play” waterfront hub. Just down the road, Mapletree also has a new Business City at Alexandra. It is filled with a lot of back room operation offices of banks and major financial institutions that doesn’t require a CBD address and yet enjoying all convenient amenities and conveniences of a location that is very near to town.

Outside CBD Area Office for Rent:

  • Harbourfront Centre
  • Harbourfront Tower 1/2
  • Keppel Bay Tower
  • PSA Building